Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hip to be Square

We play to all kinds of audiences in this band, one of the the things I love about playing in the BY's as I've said before. Some of our acoustic gigs have a sort of pin-drop atmosphere and of course it's great to have that much attention focused on the music, the Square One gig had a much noisier, sort of pre-clubbing atmosphere but it was still great fun and some of the crowd were definately up for it, we even had some dancers. Perhaps a full-kit gig would've been more suitable for this venue in some ways but The Angry Badger's gave us a great sound as always! Read about their own exploits at badgerodyssey.blogspot.com

Thanks to Nick/The Angry Badgers for the photo with Angry Badger himself in it and Tim Lee (a super-talented singer songwriter) for the other photos.

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