Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tip of the iceberg. What do musicians do all day?

The gig, the show, the concert. The album, the EP, the single. All just tips of giant icebergs.

What lies beneath?

Hours and hours of daily;

Emails and social media messages to venues, promoters, sound engineers, radio stations, fellow musicians,
Form filling: Performing Rights society forms, Sound technician tech-specs, contracts.
Researching and communicating with good potential venues, festivals, promoters, media-makers,

Designing and creating posters, videos and other promotional material.,
Preparing and repairing instruments and other equipment,
Maintaining/trying to advance social media presence on various popular platforms,
Website updating and maintaining,
Maintaining 'peripheral' websites such as musicglue, BBC Introducing and dozens of others so that you keep/advance your presence there,

Problem/issue solving; Dealing with issues relating to the logistics of a specific show with all the people mentioned above,
Writing press releases,
Getting advance copies of recorded material to music mags/bloggers and other acclaimed reviewers,
Traveling to rehearsals and shows,
Practicing your instrument(s),
Studio work; recording, messing with files, production, contracts, liaising with studio managers, producers, fellow musicians.

Liaising with peripheral producers; music distributors, CD/sleeve designers, artists and graphic design companies,
Maintaining records for HMRC, doing tax returns from various income streams including different record distribution services, music tuition, royalties, music sales and more,
Getting involved in symbiotic promotion of festivals and other bodies you are involved with,
Fitting in all the other 'stuff of life',
Writing this!
All good fun though of course, if that's your thing! :P
From a Blue Yellows rehearsal (from instagram)

From a Rickety Wireless rehearsal
(pic from Instagram)

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