Saturday, April 01, 2017

Rock'n The Box

Photo by Tim Lee
A gig at Crewe's proper rock n' roll beautifully 'distressed', graffiti-bejeweled much loved venue, The Box. A fantastic team in operation here from Glyn, the captain of the good ship Colossus Productions at the helm to Tess, Harry, Stevie P who was recording it all (and interviewing us) for The Cat Radio and not least Adrian on the sound. 

This was significantly the best sound we have ever had at this venue on stage, and presumably out front 'in the room', given how good the other acts sounded. If you're in a band, you will know that sometimes you have to deal with terrible sound-scenarios on stage. Imagine singing but not being able to hear your own voice other than perhaps a faint, heavily echoed, fractured effect off the back wall of the venue which is now out of time with the 'live' instruments around you. Imagine hearing only one instrument where you are, harshly drowning everything else out. imagine not being able to hear another instrument that provides vital cues to where you are going next, musically. It shouldn't happen but it still does. 
If, like at this event, you have a great sound on stage, it means you can really dig into the sound, really enjoy it, and it gives you the confidence to perform really well. So often, a good performance is so much to do with having a good sound on stage. If it sounds crap on stage, no matter what 'form' you are on as a musician, or how well you might be communicating as a band, you're probably screwed, but the public probably won't why, and will think it's you.  I think I've made my point, thanks team - thanks Adrian!

We, that is of course The Blue Yellows, were there to support our stoner-rock friends Brave New World who were on the best form I've seen (heard) them in, do check them out! Again sound-guy Adrian would certainly have helped with their fab sound (and everyone was talking about the sitar effect afterwards)! They're onwards to The Cavern Club, no less, next. You can read more about their night from the point of view of their ace-of-bass (not to mention incredible songwriter and producer guy) Tim Lee on his blog at

Also in support role was the brilliant James Johnston, sporting a Bob Dylan T shirt, a powerful, gritty vocal and superb songs. Inspiring stuff. Do yourself a favour, go to the bottom of this post and listen to his new EP, Before I Lose My Mind.
Photo by  Kirst of KRPR Services

The rest of my gang enjoying a truly rock n' roll pre-gig ritual

Great to have such smiley company in the Green Room

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