Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Scouting for the Lost Chord.

Thanks to Brave New World for this photo.

2am set-list writing to save set-up time the next day.
17th Sept' 2016

Setting; the beautiful village of Audlem, the venue, Audlem's Scout Hall, the scene of many a cool gig by all accounts.
This was a charity day of live music and stalls, successfully raising a decent amount of dosh for The Christie and The UK Scouting Association.

We had gone into this seriously under-rehearsed to be honest but our mojos appeared to be working, it being an 'in-the-zone performance after a couple of songs anyway. Also playing were an eclectic range of fabulous acts including Rivers and Kidd, Brave New Word and Bash and Strum, all very enjoyable. It was just really sad that friends of ours, Kit and The Icefish didn't get to play and were understandably upset after making the significant effort and sacrificed involved in turning up, waiting around and getting  themselves and their equipment ready. There was good will all round however, and this was no-ones intention, and it was lovely for us that some really good friends came some considerable distance to show their support. Thank you!

Set List;

Killing Me

Big Low Copper Moon
Where the Sky Meets the Sea
There She Moves
The Owl & the Willow
Love Limpet
Toast the Night
Love is the Answer
These Boots are Made for Walking
No Tobacco, No Jesus!

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