Sunday, September 04, 2016

Cooking on gas.

Sept 2nd 2016 (afternoon)

It was Nantwich Food Festival time and I was lucky that my long set at the event happened to coincide with some great weather. I'm always very nervous before going on stage (I should probably worry if that stops happening) but I let the music flow after a few minutes, a longer set at least allows this to happen. Last year's crowd seemed more reactive on the face of it, although that was a later, perhaps 'merrier' slot and I had Dan Logan to add some extra umph. However they (you)? were an attentive crowd and polite applause followed each song, so I was really heartened by the lovely comments a lot of you made to me in afterwards, in person or on line. After all the writing, rehearsing, stressing, preparation and promotion, it makes it all worthwhile, thank you!
Many thanks to Liz and the whole Redshift Radio team who made it such a great weekend with everything going on there!

Comments like this make it all worthwhile, thank you!
Great photo by the talented songwriter, Tim Lee, who also performed.
I love the sky reflected in 'Red Severn'. Thanks Tim!
A lovely, polite crowd enjoying all the fantastic food and drink on offer.

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