Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Great, Groovy Wedding. Wedfest 2016.

Later on would be the gig itself L-R Me, Dave, Simon.
Simon (L) and me (R) reminding ourselves how to play one of the newer tracks before soundcheck
Photo by Rachel Humphreys.
Biggest fan of the weekend.
Thanks to Kit & the Icefish for coming to the
rescue at our soundcheck with an icey fan at our soundcheck, which was
a sweat-drenched affair.
The Green Room?
No, entry to the massive Tipi where all
the music happened.
The Blue Yellows were honoured to play at our own drummer's wedding. Yes Dave 'The Groove' Coomer got hitched to the lovely Julie. As the high octane engine of our band, it was no wonder that Dave's influence on all this made it not only a beautiful wedding in a stunning setting on a Cumbrian hillside, it was also, of course, a music festival no less.
We met some lovely people including musicians from the other bands that played, Kit and the Icefish and The Barrellroll Hillbillies who also played really enjoyable sets.

We were playing as a three piece of course because Em couldn't make it having just given birth a few days before to a beautiful baby girl.

What a time for the band family! XXX

The Happy Couple!

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