Sunday, June 12, 2016

SHHHH! It's a clucking library!

Poet Helen Kay, in performance mode.

I love doing unusual gigs, and this certainly fitted the category. I have had the pleasure of supporting the Poet Helen Kay before, at a bookshop.

This was at Whitchurch Library (the Shropshire one, there are a few Whitchurchs about). I did some improvised guitar work to one of her pieces from A Poultry Lovers Guide to Poetry and a couple of brand new songs of my own, which I'm hoping to get onto my next album. I am not intending to perform the songs from this album until it's on sale, but as one of the songs was specially written for Helen, inspired by this work, and one has a poetry theme, I couldn't resist on this occasion.

Helen's book. Peck HERE to buy.

Unusual 'backstage' area & seating!

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