Monday, July 06, 2015

Milefest 2015. Brilliant by Miles!

July 4th, 2015 (Updated 16th July 2015).

Dave & Me. Thanks to Michelle Jones Photography
The BYs traveled the several hours trip into the glorious Gloucestershire countryside and Milefest, a lovely family-friendly festival which we have since learned raised over £8000 for the local Milestone School, a fantastic achievement for all involved, including all the lovely folk who came along.

There was only an astonishingly short 15 minute take-down/set-up slot between bands but somehow the FOH chaps managed to get us a good workable sound on stage and out-front. Quite an achievement in the circumstances. 

After our show on the Saturday of the two-day event, we returned for Mark Morriss (of The Bluetones fame) who was the entertaining headliner, followed by all the fun of camping over, in our case, in the 'quiet' field. 
Simon. Thanks to Michelle Jones Photography

Em getting the crowd going. Thanks to Michelle Jones Photography

Myself & Simon. Thanks to Michelle Jones Photography
I also had the plan of doing a sort of mini-rockumentary with my mobile phone. Mmm.. well most of the footage either didn't save or disappeared, and as you can see, Stanley Kubrick's got nothing to worry about (see youtube link below). 

Huge thanks are due to Michelle Jones for these great photos however - see more of her stuff at

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