Monday, July 13, 2015

Alsager 2015

Thanks to Redshift Radio for this photo.
Updated 20/07/2015
After last year's performance in the park, this year's was a little more intimate in the extended pub garden of probably the best pub in the area (described as 'a gem' of a place in one review), The Lodge.

It was a lovely experience as so many friends turned up in the crowds, I was only sorry I didn't get to chat to them all. Some good friends also performed & I was able to see the always superb Tim Lee and Dayve Dean, as well as the lovely sounds from the jazzy to prog-rock (and everything else in between)- influenced Rain before some familiar and not-so-familiar bands entertained us before it was time for the train home.

Hats off and big thanks once again to all the organisers, sound people, techies and everyone who made this all possible again, and of course to all of you who turned up.

A fair contingent of Redshift Radio people seemed to be there and I'll be guest of theirs when I perform at The Nantwich Show and The South Cheshire Big Day Out, coming up soon. 

Redshift's Matt Jackson has also blogged about/reviewed the festival HERE.

Update (20/07/2015); Here's a video of the 'special' moment I was joined by fellow musos Tim, Dayve & Abby. Dayve got his own back later, forcing me up to do backing vocals on 'The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight', I've never been sure of the backing vocals on that song!

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