Monday, June 23, 2014

Support slot at the Hayley Strangelove Album Launch night.

The Freebird is where it all happened, here's a bit of the ceiling!
Hayley Strangelove has been a staunch entertainer around the clubs, pubs & festivals around the North West, Midlands and beyond for more than 10 years now, for a long time keeping her adoring friends and fans waiting for her to unleash her outstanding vocal and songwriting talents in CD format. Well finally it is here, Tutti Pelliccia her brilliant debut.

I felt genuinely honoured to support Hayley with a short set of songs (the last one of which the gal herself also joined me on). The night also featured Edd K and Lenny 'Hurricane' Lane  who produced the album and plays on several tracks (Lenny also plays with Bearfoot who I shared a stage with at Middlewich, it's a small world). They were both great.

Highlights; So many on this special night, especially during Hayley's set, including being joined on vocals by her dad (who also appears on the album) and Paul Senior (also of Son of Shinobi & Baxter).

Lowlights; exiting the stage by falling off and hurting a knee, doh!

The long-awaited CD. Buy it!
Photo by Mike Willacy. Mike's daughter
kindly made me a good-luck loom band!

I mentioned to Lenny my struggles with my transducer on
my mini-acoustic, asked him about his and he gave me one!
Top muso, top chap!

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