Monday, June 16, 2014

Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival 2014

This was another of several gigs this summer where I was to be accompanied by my producer Dan, this time in his role as percussionist-extraordinaire. 
I arrived at the venue (The Royal British Legion) to find Eddie,  excellent young muso from both Bitter and Twisted AND Bearfoot), walking around the room clapping in the time-honoured fashion for finding out what the room’s acoustics are like, and proclaiming that the venue had a metal roof which could make the live-mixing interesting! The sound-check itself was also a challege in that the stage area also sounded very “clattery”.

In spite of this, although the slap-back effect on stage never disappeared, the sound out-front where it matters most seemed much better. The venue was arranged internally in a cabaret –style layout rather than the usual seated rows/standing areas and was organised by the lovely people at Cheshire Folk who put on a range of special concerts throughout the year.

Time went on, people started coming in, the show started, one-rehearsal-man-Dan was on great form as ever, and so were the bands.

Special thanks to my buddy and excellent songwriter T.J Lee who took some photos and even made an audio recording of our set. 
The cabaret style seating pre-sound-check.

Thanks to T.J. Lee for another pic.

Dan playing a slightly smaller percussion kit
than last time out (allegedly). Photo by T.J. Lee.
Headliners Bearfoot, they and Bitter & Twisted provided great entertainment later on.

Audio-by T.J. Lee.

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