Monday, August 12, 2013

August 11th - Not just a House Concert...

House concerts seem to have taken off in many countries, particularly the States or so I'm told, but they don't seem to have quite caught on here yet. But, given that "staying in is the new going out" (much to the detriment of the live music scene I might say!) the idea is that instead of having a boring dinner party you have a really inspiring and heart-warming one by inviting your favourite musical artists into your home to do a gig there in your own home to you and your guests.

Now this was a particularly lovely occasion because Martin, whose house this one was, has a beautiful garden and it all took place in this gorgeous setting, whats more we had host of great talent performing (please check out the links below) including Guitar-George Borowski himself. Dayve Dean, as often recently was in dual-role as sound engineer and an as-always engaging performer.

Also, it wasn't all as entirely private as it could have been because highlights will be available on a podcast as part of The Backstage Pass radio show, and I will provide a link here when it is ready. Simon J. Newbury, who presents the show is also a renowned photographer and he brought along an exclusive copy of his Urban Portraits book which generated much interest.

A wonderful occasion, thanks Martin and all your guests.

P.S. I'm free to discuss terms for similar plus weddings, funerals, divorce parties, new pet arrivals etc ;)
Simon J. Newbury, as well as arranging for highlights to go on his radio podcast,
also brought in a special copy of his "Urban Portraits" book.


George Borowski with Gaynor Wilson
Angus McTwangstick
Dayve Dean
Paul Ellson
The Sladens
Simon J. Newbury - Urban Portraits.

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