Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A special night in Sandbach, California.

It was always going to be a special night. A private gig to celebrate the joint birthdays of Martin and Elaine, who apart from being a lovely couple, have booked us to play their gorgeous annual garden parties over several years. Martin has connections in the music industry going right back to the heady 1970s and for this gig, he’d booked Barry ‘The Fish’ Melton from Country Joe and the Fish fame (part of Woodstock history!). Barry having been one of the most influential psychedelic guitarists from the 70s, having also toured with Dinosaurs.
These days ‘The Fish’ is touring with a 2nd guitarist, Frenchman Stephane. Together that make THE most laid-back, sunny Californian 70’s style music you could imagine, with some soulful French numbers thrown in too.
Truly sublime!

Like the other acts on, many of our musical and poetic friends did a turn, we played a short set before Barry and Stephan took to the stage, but we gave it some gusto, both we, and the crowd, seemed to really enjoy it. Thanks to Mike  Aichison of We Are Nomad, who played a lovely set, for the photo of us. 

*This post may well be updated on receipt of any further photographs etc from the night.

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