Saturday, June 23, 2018

When The Piper plays...

A free gig like this can go either way, or indeed along any point between those ways, so I
Photo: Will Riding
was thankful that the sunny weather brought a fair crowd out. I was also thankful that the more extreme heat that we have had at times over the Spring, and is perhaps back on the way again, kept at bay for today at least, making lumping two guitars around on public transport and on fair walking distances much more pleasant than it could have been.

Chester Live Festival, of which this was a part, is a well organised affair if this, the Acoustic Summer Party at The Piper is anything to go by, with lots of calm and professional staff (or volunteers) doing their work calmly and expertly, making sure the sound is good and the public are well informed and so many other things that have gone on for months before the event.

I was also really knocked out by the wonderfully poignant and beautifully considered songwriting skills of one Will Riding, I especially loved a song inspired by his autistic son, 'Favourite Shoes'. Do check his stuff out.
Thanks as ever to those who listened, commented and bought CDs.
Until next time!
A content summer crowd enjoy Will Riding.

I also played 'Flamingos', not on the setlist...

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