Monday, April 02, 2018

Jazz Chords and Damp Guitars

Nantwich Jazz Festival - April 2nd 2018

I realised this was the first Rickety Wireless gig outside of Alsager, no less(!) and the wilds of Nantwich Jazz Festival we did brave.
A weird combination of very cold, wet conditions outside the venue, where our instruments had been 'waiting' and extremely warm, humid conditions within, meant our instruments were dripping wet with condensation when we removed their covers and bags. This caused a number of ongoing tuning issues as wood, metals and other materials adapted to this drastic change. In fact even Dan's mini drum set was suffering tuning issues, which is rare mid-gig.

Nevertheless neither this, nor our still 'under-rehearsed' condition didn't dampen the spirits of the crowds, who seemed to love it, singing along and sometimes dancing to much of the set. Thanks you lot, you made it great fun!

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