Saturday, October 21, 2017

Beaten by Brian

Funky Monk

Sometimes being a musician is playing to a full hall of people who are hanging on to every note and word, others, like for me today, it is trudging through heavy rain with heavier-still equipment on your back, sore from 2 weeks of the similar, day and night, toward one of your delayed trains, one of two trains and three buses for the day, delayed by the storm which will ultimately cut your work short that afternoon, work you'd still been preparing for at 3am that morning.
Ah well... you can't win 'em all, and when mother nature steps in, this time in the guise of Storm Brian no less, combined with an organisation understandably not wanting to put it's members from the risks of impending high winds, well, that was that.

Many at the Mexon Street Market, this being a special Halloween Themed event had put a huge amount of preparation into this, there are a lot of very disappointed people tonight, but hey ho, all you can do is go onwards and upwards...

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