Saturday, March 18, 2017

Two Pints of Lyrics and a Packet of Riffs.

Had a couple of recent trips to Runcorn, somewhere I've passed through so many times on the train on the way to Liverpool but never actually visited before until these occasions; the point being to visit a lovely bunch of young people who had recently been bereaved by a close family member, who had asked for some support with ideas on songwriting.

The bereavement of someone as close as a parent or brother or sister is a terrible thing to go through at any age, yet alone when you are a young teen to mid-twenties this group are, a time when there's a sort of assumption that your loved-ones will somehow be there forever...
This group were the subject of support of a wonderful organisation, Child Bereavement UK, who work hard to do all they can to help these youngsters come to terms with the strong emotions and difficulties they have as a result of the catastrophic loss they feel.
I can't say enough good words for them.

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