Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pedal Power.

My 'usual', portable pedalboard to the right and 'old' big one, center and  left.

I've been playing with some alternative possible pedal-board configurations for 'bigger' shows with the band. My wonderfully portable pedaltrain nano board lets me take all the essential basics to a gig or rehearsal in a highly portable little package, but I've been looking to expand things back up a bit for when the BYs have a big show and I want to make a lot of weird noises with my toys! By the way, I made a video some time ago about an earlier configuration of my 'nano' HERE.

I went onto Steve Bebe's great radio show, 'What's Happening' to chat about all things Nantwich coming up, especially The Food Festival and Words and Music Festival, and play a couple of tunes, from the start of the 2nd hour. Listen again below;

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