Monday, August 10, 2015

A Garden of Music and Words.

Sunday, August 9th 2015
I think this photo by host Martin, captures the relaxed atmosphere well.
L-R Tim Lee, Emma & Simon from The Blue Yellows before we played.
House parties are something both me and the band would love to do much more of, but this was very special by any standards. A garden party hosted by Martin & Elaine. Not only music fans, but the aforementioned Martin (Butterworth) is himself an accomplished musician and you can hear his amazing project Cheshire Plane, here

Delicious home made food and craft beers were provided and a wonderful, friendly atmosphere from all the fantastic musicians and poets mentioned in Martin's poster, below.
Just wonderful!
The Blue Yellows L-R Simon, Dave, myself and Em
Thanks to Martin again for the photo.
A bit of a break now for me after a good spate of summer festival gigs. When I say break what I mean by that really is booking winter shows and 2016 festivals, band rehearsals for Autumn 2015 gigs, practicing with Dan Logan for our food festival show, reporting gigs to the PRS, sorting new designs for fliers, badges, websites, social media, songwriting and guitar-practice of course, planning and a lot more besides (though I am getting away for 2 days), oh and involvement with a new video for one of my songs, yes!

My live Autumn Festival gigs start on September 4th (check to the right-hand side of this site for the gig-list confirmed so far).
See you around!


martin butterworth said...

The Garden Party was so special because of the fantastic people that were there - and most importantly, the Blue Yellows. If ever a band is suited to playing at a chilled Garden Party, then it is you guys! I can't thank you enough - it was the best party yet!.....'till next year? :)
As for "accomplished musician"? ....I have a long way to go before I deserve that moniker! "a happy strummer" might be nearer the mark! :)
All the best,
Martin and Elaine

JT said...

Thanks for your kind comments, we did go for the more 'chilled out' parts of our set as it seemed fitting. Thanks once again for a lovely day Martin. :)