Sunday, May 31, 2015

Audlem; it's wonderful people and music festival.

May 25th, 2015 - The Audlem Music Festival.

This year was the 15th Audlem Music FestivalWhat can I say? It's special. Very special.

It really is a case of the people making it so. I have previously waxed lyrical about the Shop Sessions, and in a sense this is like a festival-sized version of the same thing in that; it's very well organised by a great team who know and love music, the artists are really well looked after, and the Audlemers and incomers alike give great audience! Some festivals focus only on one type of music but here entertaining cover bands rub shoulders with original artists and 'novelty' bands, and the lovely folk of Audlem are up for every bit of it.
Thanks Martin for sending me this pic of some newspaper coverage.

The only thing to slightly blight things was the gear-cable on my boat snapping (it's a bit disconcerting when you accelerate forwards towards the bank, to avoid a boat, when instructing the boat to reverse!). This was to be one of very few (perhaps only) gigs this year I could logistically get to by my own home/narrowboat but it was not quite to be, having been stranded by my breakdown some 2 miles away at Hack Green. My music-loving friend and fellow boater Alex gave me a lift in her Porsche, which sounds a very swish way to get to a festival but it's such a tiny car that it meant I was crammed under my 2 guitars and equipment while the bonnet was tied down with string to make way for something I'd displaced! It was a good laugh anyway!

This year I played the annually converted lane, 'Blues Alley' in the center of the village. It was a little chilly but nevertheless Audlem folk gathered and stuck around for my set so thanks to you all! Thanks also to supper talented Oli Ng (of The Eyres (( and of himself)) ) who sorted the sound for me. 

Among the acts I managed to catch, The Ashley Fayth band are worth a special mention, with uber-talented bandees; Oscar South & that man again; Dan Logan!

See more about Ashley Fayth's current album project below;

I Played There She Moves, Flamingos, Romeo and Juliet (Mark Knopfler cover), Big Low Copper Moon, Galleries, Jolene (Dolly Parton cover),  Toast the Night, These Boots are made for Walking (Lee Hazlewood cover), Beachcombing, California Earthquake (Mama Cass cover), No Tobacco No Jesus.

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