Thursday, April 30, 2015

Live double-album to be released.

You may have read this post some months ago on my session aboard a floating studio, a bit of a bus-mans (boat-man's?) holiday for someone who's permanent home is a narrowboat I guess. 

Anyway, just after midnight last night or rather this morning I was delighted to find out a track from my session has made it onto the live double album of Narrowboat Sessions.

It is dedicated to the memory of Maggie Boyle without whom the sessions and album, would never have happened. I'd also like to personally thank Mark and Kira for their lovely hospitality in letting me aboard to play, and making me feel like a friend straight away.

Profits from the album will go to Cancer Research. I will be sure to let you know more when it's released.

Track listing;
1 Gary Edward Jones, 'Superheroes'.
2 Cavan Moran, 'Wheels of Rhyme'.
3 Adam Shearer and Kelly Louse Long, 'Pretty Girl'.
4 Jonathan Tarplee, 'Galleries.'
5 Plumhall, 'Thundercloud.'
6 Paul Reaney, 'Captains Daughter.'
7 David Dutton, 'Shine tonight.'
8 Me and Deboe, 'Friend.'
9 Maquini Wright and Peter (Sarge) Frampton, 'I am the river.'
10 Fiona Ford, 'Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.'
11 Henry Priestman, 'At the end of the day.'
12 Ben Hughes, 'My Amigo!'
13 Les Glover, 'Hank and me.'
14 Jim Bazely, 'Moocher.'
15 Oli Townsley, 'Dog in the Boulevard.'
16 Shamona, 'Rich mans sake.'
17 Dan Solan and the Midnight Sons, 'Stone instead.'
18 Henry Priestman, 'End of the day.'
CD 2
1 Maggie Boyle and Steve Tilston, 'Silver dagger.'
2 Little Rach, 'Made to love music.'
3 John Brindley, 'Precious Time.'
4 Gareth Scott, 'Blue Bird Cafe.'
5 Tim Radins, 'Copley Wood.'
6 Molly Tilston, 'I'm a woman now.'
7 Southbound Attic Band, 'The Ballad of George and Maud.'
8 Maggie Boyle, 'The Road to Camden town' (Written by Kevin Boyle)
9 Junior Dayvis, 'The Trees of Mozambique.'
10 Steve Tilston, 'Golden Apples.'
11 Kelly Louse Long, 'Lessons of Life.'
12 Jonathan Coley, 'Look around you.'
13 John Williams, 'She walks with the shadows alone.'
14 Ashley Fayth, 'Middle.'
15 Jo Bywater, 'Chopping Wood'.
16 Steve Blackstone and Gemma Jones, 'Mary's Flame.'
17 Russel Cottier & Oscar South, 'Tango.'

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