Monday, December 01, 2014

A great new album out today - Headspace.

Ardent readers may remember that back in August I blogged about playing a session for Tim Lee and the album he was then working on. Well that album is out now, and I for one love it. It's a beautiful collection of notable songs. 
The emotive opening violin strings set the scene beautifully as a perfect introduction to the whole journey this album takes you on. Great songs, imaginative arrangements and hooky backing vocal organisations.  If you're looking for bombast and hedonistic escapism this might not be for you, these are often simple, deeply reflective songs with a direct honesty which anyone with even half a heart will surely love. 
Plenty of variety here too from the groovy but bittersweet Seven Lies to the almost Golden Brown-esque History, the bouncy bass-line and catchy riffs of the title track, and you can even hear a little of Tim's punk background in the anguished Little Tests. Personal favourites include the lilting Masquerade (one of the tracks which fellow BYs muso Hayley plays on), the lovely, heartfelt simplicity of True Love Starts Today and the outstanding The Source; a song which I think all artists of various kinds will empathise with, in it's understanding of the need to go back to artistic roots and original influences from time to time to feel again what they meant to you, so that you can progress forwards. 
Consciously or not, You Can't Keep a Good Man Down is a fitting description of where Tim is, on his musical voyage right now. 

Playing on the album back in summer
Photo by Tim.

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