Monday, February 17, 2014

Band rehearsal or band practice or what?

To me a rehearsal is where you have your songs and music ready, and you have a run-through of each song or perhaps even a whole or partial set to prepare yourself/the band for an upcoming gig or tour. Practice is what you do, usually on your own, to get your fingers used to going to new places (in the case of guitar), trying new things out, sometimes by concentrating and sometimes by de-concentrating,  letting your mind wander and freeing yourself to noodle randomly around the fret-board in new ways, and always to keep moving yourself forward as a musician. Sometimes such noodling leads to new songs, sometimes it doesn't. 

Some rehearsals are not really rehearsals so much as everyone working out parts to new material, which is what the next few weeks with The Blue Yellows will entail before we start to rehearse again before setting out to perform some new live shows. 
Songwriting is another story, perhaps for another post one day.
Anyhow, my last "rehearsal" with the band was not really a rehearsal as much of the time was spent listening to some rough mixes of stuff we had recorded at T.J Lee's home studio last week, listening over several times while we discussed how we would like a final mix to sound so we could send the man himself some comments, then we just played a few songs just for the fun of it! We also has a special guest in the form of Casper, Em's baby. Casper seems really fascinated by music and always seems keen to join Emma on the piano, as well as having had a bash on her ukulele in our "No Tobacco" video. Similarly, on this occasion he fixated on my guitar for a while and got some thrills from making some noises with it. That thrill  never goes away! I'll be surprised if Casper doesn't turn out to be an accomplished muso like his mum and granddad!

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