Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hail to the jam!

Well it was hail, storms thunder and lightening and the odd freaky-gust of wind that accompanied a group of very soggy musician's in Middlewich town centre on Saturday. The Muso's concerned were namely myself, Jon Butler-Meadows, Tom Harry Johnson, Emily Hargreaves and Little Rach. We took turns in playing some tunes and then having a bit of a jam together, and joining in with each-other much of the time in any case.
Some of these guys are regular stalwarts of Middle-of Middlewich music-provision & they were a lovely lot, without the ego-issues you sometimes get with ambitious musicians. Very easy to jam along with too, while my fingers still worked!

I was asked if I could do this by Lynne and Lizzie from the Cheshire Folk organisation for whom Middlewich will again be the center of attention soon when they play host to fabulous french(?) folk artist Flossie Malavialle and others (see the link below!). Thanks also to Lynne for the kind lift home, possibly saving me from hypothermia!
Ciao for now :)

Thanks to Lynne for the photo.
Check out the fantastic Little Rach's tour dates HERE.

Cheshire Folk Weekender (Flossie Malavialle & more),  HERE.

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