Monday, September 30, 2013

Salford Music Festival but no toe-tapping - ouch!.

Photo by Gavin Ithel
I tend to dread outdoor gigs from this time of year as, although I'm generally someone who likes cooler rather than warmer weather, my hands do suffer from cold (even when the rest of me is too hot!). No such worries for my stint at The Salford Music Festival as it was very warm weather really. However a suspected broken toe and swollen, painful foot made the whole process of getting to and from there (by train and.. on foot) made it a painful experience, apart from when I was on stage (other than not being able to prevent my bad foot from stomping along to the beat!). It was nice to see a couple of friends there and I was also able to enjoy the lovely voice of Vicky Robson-Capps - be sure to check her out HERE.
"Backstage" overlooking the Greengate Urban Market in Manchester earlier.

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