Monday, January 21, 2013

March 24th - There's only one rule in Song Club...

No Covers!

Song club is a special night, once a month me thinks, in the "other" Newcastle (the Under-Lyme variety in Stoke) featuring original-only tunes performed by the artists who wrote them in the lovely environs of The Old Brown Jug, a real music club with a great history locally. Despite the very snowy weather, a good crowd eventually appeared and helped give us all a good time (save for the one or two obligatory nutters). Anyway, Song Club - Highly Recommended! I debuted a new song, "There She Moves", rusty to say the least and perhaps a draft one version in terms of it's arrangement, but the audience were lovely and forgiving. In addition to those I photographed and commented on below were the emotional and ethereal Rain. I'm sorry I couldn't stay around for the brilliant Giro Junkie but am glad I at least heard the urgent folk-rockers Headsticks soundcheck at least. Look out for them!

Newcastle Under Lyme looking purdy.
The Old Brown Jug, great venue and with some great posters!
United Breaks, very different and very good.
Julia Dowler, Soulful songs aided masterfully by Darren.

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