Saturday, December 08, 2012

Trav'lin Troubadours.

Before: Arriving in central Liverpool and her dizzying bright lights, as viewed from Vincent, the van.

We had a lovely time last night, for the last scheduled gig of 2012, by "we" meaning me, Hayley, Emma from the band and 7 year old Soul making his live debut on additional percussion! The bittersweet occasion was the celebration of the life of Geoff, captain of the tall ship Zebu in The Albert Dock, Liverpool, who tragically died a few weeks ago. There were some heartfelt readings, memories of the man and an appropriately good time was jolly-well had by all of Geoff's shipmates and family.

At gigs we're used to getting free beer and free food sometimes, but this is the first time we had a password to secure our prized ale! "Live" is never averse to the odd mishap and on this occasion Emma's accordion was subject to a log-landslide no less. Luckily an accordion-tech was on hand (the place was full of sea-shantying types, many playing a song or two) to bring it back into shape and allow "D"  to be played again.  

I'm not aware of any "during" photos for now but here's a before and after at least.

After: Knutsford services in the small hours.

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