Sunday, December 04, 2011

"I write nestled in the back of a freezing van over 4 hours from showtime & wouldn't change it for anything :)"

Photo by Verity Gray.
These were my thoughts tweeted (@JonnieGitAhhr if you're that way inclined) and fb updated and although sometime between sound-check and the first band being on I thought this was going to be one of those nights to put down to experience, it ended up being a lovely night thanks to organisation by "The Situation" and great support from Dream Circuit and our brilliant friends Suzie Does It  (and more with the lovely Suzie's in the near future). The Ballroom setting was a *plummy accent* "splendid" venue and the audience, although not exactly huge, were really open to original music and gave us a great time, mad as a box of puppies the lot of them. Special thanks to Verity Gray for the photos (her's are the good ones). Thanks all! 
Me on the Firebird. Photo- Verity Gray.

The Suzies from stage left.
Hayley's unconventional set list!
Emma giving it some accordion (pic- Verity Gray).
Another fab photo from Verity Gray.
Soul with Rupert, the morning after the gig before being re-united with his owner (Rupert that is!).

EPILOGUE. After the gig we came across "Rupert", also on the road, a lost and lovely dog, happily reunited with his owner at a more civilised hour the following day.

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