Friday, October 14, 2011

Of Butterflies and Bands.

A great weekend, a gig in Emma's local with the band. For this gig at The Market Tavern, we tried out the idea of a seperate "acoustic section" of the main set where the whole atmosphere and instrumentation is changed for a portion of the night, rather than mixing it up through the set and compromising on instrumentation. Thanks to the many of you that gave us really positive feedback about this, I think it may well become a regular feature of our longer sets now. Local music fan Chris Salmon filmed us playing "You Want My Head" (not as stated here!) Thanks Chris.

The next day I was stunned to see over 200 Red Admirals and other assorted lepidopterra on a small patch of ivy by the canal, filmed it on my mobile and put it to "Jewel" a song off my "Happy Juice" album :)

Cry Cry Kill, Love Limpet, New Song (un-named), Jolene, You Want My Head, Owl & the Willow, Killing Me, Feels Like Sunshine, These Boots, Minute In The Sun, Beachcombing, Lazy Sunday Afternoon, Back In The Real World, Galleries, Just Like Nero, Humankind, No Tobacco, No Jesus!, Farmer John.

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