Saturday, October 16, 2010


Our first Birthday gig,in effect (with The BlueYellows, that is!). I'm playing at 5pm to do an acoustic set followed by the full band at 7.15 pm. Loads going on, check out the poster...

BTW, thanks to Dayve Dean, Mat, Nigel Stonier & Thea Gilmore for asking me to play some songs at Acoustic Sunday, part of The Nantwich Words & Music Festival, when I'd only turned up to as a music fan rather than a performer. Thanks guys!...

I did go home feeling sick with caffine overdose, quite something for me, as you will know if you know anything about my usual coffee intake, but this was couter-acted by the warm glow of having appeared at one of the best kept secrets of the UK festival scene, as I say, thanks X

By the way here's a lil' pic of us from last year's Boxjam, our first ever as The BYs !

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